Playing Music Without a Licence in the UK

If you’re looking for music that you can play in the UK without a music licence then you have come to the right place!

We specialise in supplying royalty free music. That’s music you can play in your business without the need for a music license. You can do this because the PRS and PPL do not need to collect royalties for our artists. It’s PRS and PPL who operate TheMusicLicence, which you need to play commercial music. Instead, our artists get paid for the use of their work by a music licensing agency.

Playing royalty free music in your business is a great way for you to harness the power of background music. All without the expense of buying a music license.

Our customers save at least £150 per annum after swapping from paying for a license to using our service. Customers with large premises save £100’s!

Music You CAN play without a Music Licence

So how can you access our royalty free music? You set up a subscription paying on a monthly or annual basis. Monthly gives you the flexibility to cancel anytime. An annual subscription offers you a saving.

Once you have your subscription you can then use our royalty free playlist library as much as you like. The playlists are all profiled into styles and genres and come with a description.

Many of our customers choose to play several playlists across the week. There’s a wide variety of styles and genres covers and we regularly add new music.

Let’s look at how the music player works…

The Background Sounds Music Player

You can stream your chosen playlist using a PC, laptop, tablet or mobile device. Loging into your account to browse the playlists available. Once you have made your choice you press play! It’s that easy.

Playlist library features

You will have a great choice of playlists and regular music updates. Along with key features to ensure you pick a great background sound for your business!

Tempo Indicators: Low, mid, or high. These help you ensure the pace of your music is going to create the required atmosphere.

Genre Tabs: Filter playlists so you can review those of interest.

Sector Tabs: These tabs give you playlist recommendations for your specific business sector.

Using a specialist provider for your background music is the very best way to use royalty free music. Not only do you save on the cost of playing music, but you also get…

  • High-quality royalty free music
  • Peace of mind the music is royalty free and legal to use
  • Confirmation to PRS PPL provided if required
  • Regular music updates
  • Playlists designed for use as background music
  • Playlists designed by music profilers

If all of this sounds good we recommend you take a free 7-day trial with us. There’s no obligation and you don’t have to add your credit card details. It’s the very best way to try out our music in your business.

Need a little more guidance or have questions? We’re happy to answer any questions you may have about using our service. You can contact the team at

Updated 19th October 2021.