Playing Music Without a Licence in the UK

If you’re looking for fantastic music to play in your business without the need for a music licence you’ve come to the right place.

Background Sounds is a specialist provider in royalty free music. That’s music you can play in your business without the need for a music licence. You’re able to do this because the music we use does not need the collection agencies (PRS and PPL) to collect royalties on behalf of the artists we use.

The Music Licence

The music licence is a legal requirement within the UK if you’re playing live or recorded music within most business venues. It’s operated by the PRS for Music Limited (PRS) and the Phonographic Performance Limited (PPL) who together collect royalty payments. These payments are collected on behalf of composers, artists, musicians and performers. They are the copyright holders and payment is for the use of their work (music).

As a business owner you take the licence on an annual basis with the rate you pay varying depending upon sq ft of premises and type of venue. Please note, the licence is required whether you’re playing music for customers and/or staff (source The good news is you have a solution when looking into what music can I play without a licence in the UK.

The Background Sounds Music Player

An intuitive music streaming service. The Background Sounds Music Player is accessed via an easy to use web based platform, so you can use a phone, tablet, PC or Laptop device to use the service. The player provides access to our royalty free playlist library, ever expanding and covering a wide range of genres.

Music for business

Playlist library features

Tempo Indicators: Low, mid, or high these help you ensure the pace of your music is going to create the required atmosphere.

Genre Tabs: Filter playlists so you can easily review those of interest.

Sector Tabs: These tabs provide you with our playlist recommendations for your specific business.

Royalty Free Music

We are partnered with an international licensing agency who specialise in producing royalty free music. Working with musicians, artists and composers all over the world they create high quality music covering a wide variety of genres. We then take this music and curate it into playlists. Making the process of selecting a soundtrack for your brand super easy and fuss free.

We have two subscription packages available and both provide full access to the playlist library. Choose between a monthly or annual subscription package . For pricing click here.

Sample Tracks

If you’re looking into what music you can play without a licence UK then check out the below music samples. Within the library we have a large collection of playlists covering a wide range of genres and moods. What’s more, we regularly update the library with new playlists.

More Information

If you like what you have read so far why not take us for a spin? We offer all customers the opportunity to trial the service for FREE. You receive access to our entire playlist library for 7 days. There’s no catch and you don’t need to input any card details to set up the trial.

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