Playing Music Without a Licence in the UK

If you’re looking for music that you can play in the UK without buying a PRS PPL Music Licence you’re in the right place.

You can stream our music in any business, legally without a PRS PPL Music Licence.  What’s more, we’ll even email you a certificate that you can pass on to PRS PPL if you need it. 

We’re an established provider of royalty-free music. That’s music you can play in your business without the need to pay PRS PPL for a music licence. You can do this because the PRS and PPL do not collect royalties for the music we supply.

Background Sounds – Music You Can Play Without a PRS PPL Music Licence

Our music comes from an international music licensing agency.  They work with musicians from all around the world who choose to be paid through them rather than PRS PPL.

Artists choose to do this because music licensing agencies offer them more ways to make money from their music.  Ways such as sync licensing (background music for video games, YouTube and commercials).  Along with helping them to get their music played in businesses such as yours.

Informing PRS PPL

When you use our service you can notify PRS and PPL that you are now playing royalty-free music. They may request evidence. If this happens let us know and we’ll email you a certificate confirming your subscription.

Certificate of royalty-free music subscription.

Certificate of Subscription for PRS PPL

We’re known to PRS and PPL. Our certificates are evidence that you are using a legitimate supplier for your royalty-free music.

What Can You Expect When You Use Background Sounds?

When you choose a subscription to Background Sounds, you’ll not only save money on the cost of playing music. You’ll also have a background music supplier who will ensure you have

  • High-quality music
  • Over 40 expertly designed playlists
  • Monthly music updates
  • Tech support

…and a friendly, supportive customer service team whenever you need any help!

Subscription Packages

We save our customers at least half the cost of buying a PRS PPL Music Licence.  Many of our customers save £1000’s every year!

The prices are per site and not based on the size of your business or the number of seats to keep things simple. 

Monthly Subscription (cancel anytime) £15 (+vat) per site

Annual Subscription (best value) £150 (+vat) per site

👋 Customers with more than one site get in touch and we’ll give you a quote!

How Do I Access the Music?

All our music comes supplied in playlists (40 and counting!). They cover a huge variety of genres and styles.

You stream the playlist of your choice from our music library into your business.  You can do this via a PC, Laptop, tablet or mobile device.

Then you and your staff have unlimited use of the playlist library.  Giving you stacks of music to play without a PRS PPL Music Licence!

music you can play without a prs ppl music licence
The Background Sounds Music Library

What Do I Do Next?

Try us out for free and check out all the music!

We’re so confident that our service is the best around we give everyone a FREE 7-day trial.  It’s no obligation and you get access to all our playlists.

There’s no pressure from us but there is tech support if you need a hand getting up and running!

Why not take the expense and stress out of playing music in your business? Get your trial started today!

We’re happy to answer any questions you may have about using our service. You can contact the team at

Click here to get your trial started today – Start my free trial

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Post last updated 2nd March 2023

Background Sounds is a specialist provider of royalty-free music. Working with small businesses looking to play music without the need to buy a PRS PPL Music Licence.

The service is offered via online streaming and can be accessed when you take a subscription. You can find out all you need to know on our home page here.