Track of the Week. Showcasing just how great our music is!

All the music we use is license-free/rights inclusive which means that the artists and composers receive payment through the licensing company they worked with to create the music.

For you, this means playing great background music without the cost of the music license.

Background Sounds specialises in supplying royalty free music to businesses of all types. From pop and indie to country and easy listening and everything in between. Our playlists make playing great background music a breeze.

Track of the Week was started as a way to showcase our music and it’s a great place to start if you’re considering using royalty free music. Each track has been handpicked and provides a sample of what you can expect from our playlists. 

Track of the Week #27

Our final Track of the Week for 2020 is of course a festive tune!

This time we have picked from our It’s Christmas Playlist. The track, called Christmas Time is Here is a brilliant example of what to expect from the playlist. It’s fun, cheerful and will leave you full of festive energy.

It’s Christmas!

A cheerful mix of vocal and instrumental tunes to get you in the festive mood

Track #26

4th December 2020

We’re showcasing another superb festive tune this week. Taken from our Instrumental Christmas Playlist it’s a magical version of We Three Kings.

The playlist is filled with classical and piano versions of all the Christmas classics and it’s everything you need to get you feeling festive!

Instrumental Christmas

A beautiful instrumental collection of traditional Christmas classics.

Track #25

27th November 2020

We’re getting fully into the festive season swing of things this week and have picked a fantatsic version of the classic Christmas track O Come All Ye Faithful. It’s a cheerful, fun and uplifting track and will have you feeling festive in seconds.

Taken from our Classic Christmas Playlist the track can be found amongst other classics such as Jingle Bells, Deck the Halls and We Wish You a Merry Christmas.

Classic Christmas

Filled with classic Christmas tracks to provide plenty of festive cheer!

Track #24

20th November 2020

This week we’re showcasing a sumptuous and smooth soul track called Dig On.  Selected from our Sunday Soul Playlist it’s a track filled with earthy vocals, beautiful laid-back harmonies and a relaxing rhythmic beat. 

The track is a fantastic example of what the playlist has to offer.  It’s designed to create a warm, relaxed vibe so it’s a perfect choice for a coffee shop or late night cafe/bar.  

Sunday Soul

A smooth collection of instrumental and easy going soul tunes

Track #23

13th November 2020

Called Starzz this week’s selection is a superb pop-dance track. It’s a team favourite and a great Friday afternoon choice.

Usually found in our Fashion Fix Playlist the track has a feel good beat and a mid tempo pace. The vocals are soft yet energising and the lyrics are super catchy. Just what you need to get your toes tapping and your head nodding.

Fashion Fix

A playlist filled with pop and dance tracks for the Friday feeling!

Track #22

6th November 2020

This week we’re heading back into our indie rock collection and have selelcted a track from our Indie Dancefloof Playlist. Called Allison, the track has a fantastic beat, catchy lyrics and it sets an up beat pace from the start.

Selecting an indie rock playlist is a great choice when you want your music to stand out a little more and make a statement. Without being too loud or intrusive the genre will add energy and help build an inviting atmosphere.

Indie Dancefloor

An upbeat selection of great indie tracks

Track #21

30th October 2020

We’ve delved into our classical collection this week and selected a beautiful track called Resignation. With a beautiful, soft melody, a subtle lift in tempo mid way through and a gentle romantic ending it’s an elegant and refined background music choice.

Handpicked from our Classical Piano Playlist. It’s the perfect choice if you want to create warmth with your background music and relax your customers whilst adding a hint of opulence.

Classical Piano

A beautiful, mellow collection of classical piano tracks designed to evoke a feeling of calm and serenity

Track #20

23rd October 2020

This week we’re delving into our Throwback Pop Playlist to bring you a fantastic tune called You Away From Me. It’s got a superb beat and gorgeous delicate vocals.

Filled with uplifting, higher energy pop and dance tunes the playlist is perfect when you want to add a little fun and energy to your retail space.

Throwback Pop

Energetic pop and dance mix with a great 90s vibe

Track #19

16th October 2020

Called Hail Caledonia, this week’s selection is a heartwarming folk tune taken from our Lazy Days Playlist.  It’s calm and comforting with a beautiful melody and gentle vocals.  

Selected from a playlist that’s designed to subtly enhance the atmosphere with laid back, easy listening tunes. It’s a great choice when you want to add warmth and relax customers with your background music.

Lazy Days

A beautiful blend of easy listening, pop, and country tracks

Track #18

2nd October 2020

This week’s selection is a bold, energetic rock tune called Don’t Say it’s Over. Taken from our Amplified Playlist is a perfect choice if you want to use your background music to add personality and use it to enhance your brand. The playlist is filled with spirited rock tracks with uplifting energising drum beats and a tempo to really get you going.


Foot to the floor rock with heavy riffs and drum solos galore

Track #17

2nd October 2020

We’ve selected from our Ambient Soundscapes Playlist this week, to showcase a beautiful, soft, instrumental track. Like the playlist, the track immediately eases the senses and relaxes the mind.  It’s a perfect choice if you’re looking to create a calming, warm atmosphere in a Spa, Yoga studio, or beauty salon.

Ambient Soundscapes

Soothing ambient tracks to nourish the soul

Track #16

25th September 2020

Selected from our indie rock collection this week we have a catchy indie tune with a rhythmic drum beat and great vocals. Called Lonley Flower it’s an easy-going indie track with catchy lyrics that’s sure to lift your mood.

Taken from our Take it Easy Playlist the song is part of a collection of laid-back indie rock tunes. Designed to create a relaxed vibe and a welcoming sound for your customers. It’s a playlist you can kick back with and enjoy.

Take it Easy

A great mix of laid back indie and mid-tempo rock guitar hits 

Track #15

18th September 2020

This week we’re showcasing a smooth, rich, melodic tune, taken from our Lounge and Chill Collection.   Called Love Above it features in our Comfort Zone Playlist which provides a chilled blend of funky, rich instrumental tracks.  It’s a great choice if you’re looking to create a warm, inviting atmosphere that relaxes your customers and encourages them to linger.  

Comfort Zone

A chilled blend of rich, funky mainly instrumental tunes for that easy mellow atmosphere.

Track #14

11th September 2020

Taken from our Chilled Pop Playlist this week’s selection is an earthy, laid back pop tune with gorgeous vocals called Sunny Side Of The Moon.

Filled with low tempo, gentle tunes, the playlist is the perfect choice when you want to create a calm, chilled atmosphere with a splash of personality.

Chilled Pop

A mellow and easy-going pop mix

Track #13

4th September 2020

We’ve selected from our extensive jazz library this week to showcase a tune called Waiting For Spring. This instrumental tune is relaxed and rich and just like the playlist it comes from it instantly creates a decadent yet easy-going vibe.

The Laid Back Selection

A smooth, rich collection of relaxed instrumental jazz

Track #12

28th August 2020

This week’s selection is a track called Love Is In The Air Again. It’s mellow with soft harmonies and it is a great example of what to expect from our Slow Down Playlist.

If you’re looking to create a warm, relaxed vibe with your background music this would be a brilliant choice.

Slow Down

A gorgeous collection of low tempo easy listening tracks

Track #11

21st August 2020

We’ve got rhythm, beats, and outstanding vocals this week with a track selected from our brilliant Uplifting Soul Playlist.

Called Motor City Madness it’s a funky and fun tune and comes from a playlist designed to lift the spirits and most likely get you moving.

Uplifting Soul

A seductive mix of pop and soul tunes to lift the spirits

Track #10

14th August 2020

This week’s selection is a mid-tempo dance tune called Only You.  Taken from our Energised Playlist it’s got fantastic vocals, catchy lyrics, and a great beat. Everything you need to lift your energy levels.


Synth dance and pop tracks at their very best.

Track #9

7th August 2020

We’ve delved into our Classical Piano Playlist this week and selected a beautiful, calm track called Carefree.

This playlist is the perfect choice when you want to add a subtle background sound to break the silence. It’s a great mix of the famous classical pieces along with more recently composed tracks.

Classical Piano

A beautiful, mellow collection of classical piano tracks designed to evoke a feeling of calm and serenity

Track #8

31st July 2020

This week we’ve picked from our Lazy Days Playlist to bring you a gorgeous mellow track called Down The Road. The playlist is a great choice if you’re looking to create a relaxed and inviting atmosphere with your background music.

Lazy Days

A beautiful blend of easy listening, pop, and country tracks.

Track #7

24th July 2020

We’ve gone up-tempo this week and have selected a brilliant dance track called Breathing MoreIt’s the perfect tune to get you ready for the weekend.  Taken from our Fashion Fix Playlist it’s part of our upbeat collection.  A brilliant choice when you want to create an upbeat and fun atmosphere.

Fashion Fix

Pop and dance tracks for that Friday feeling.

Track #6

17th June 2020

This week’s pick is from our Refresh Playlist, a mid-tempo collection of indie rock tunes.  The track, called Someone To Talk To is the perfect example of the playlist, it’s got a subtle yet uplifting melody and great vocals. 


Uplifting melodies to ease you into the day

Track #5

10th June 2020

Taken from our Lounge and Chill Playlist, this week’s Track of the Week is a rich laid back tune, called Habitat.  It’s got a subtle beat and gorgeous mellow vocals. Perfect for creating a relaxing and warm atmosphere.

Lounge & Chill

Laid back, easy tracks with a decadent low hum of a beat.

Track #4

3rd July 2020

This week we’re delving into our indie rock collection to bring you an energetic and catchy tune. Called Here Comes Love it’s upbeat and will immediately lift your spirits.

Taken from our Indie Dancefloor Playlist it’s a great playlist pick when you want to create a lively and fun atmosphere.

Indie Dancefloor

Lively indie beats to provide a great energy boost.

Track #3

26th June 2020

This week we’re showcasing a track from our Pure Pop Playlist.  Called You Take Me So Far we picked it when the sun was shining and the heat was rising.  It’s a funky tune with a fantastic beat and gives the best summer feels.

The playlist is perfect for when you’re after an uplifting mix of mid-tempo tunes that work to create an inviting atmosphere. 

Pure Pop

Bright and breezy pop tunes, perfect for creating a happy vibe.

Track #2

19th June 2020

This week’s pick is a beautiful instrumental tune called Just a Single Kiss.  It’s romantic and light with an uplifting melody. 

Taken from our Distinguished Elegance Playlist you can find it nestled amongst a sumptuous mix of mid-tempo orchestral and piano tracks.  

Designed to create a rich yet relaxing ambiance this playlist is perfect if you’re looking to enhance your atmosphere with a splash of musical opulence.

Distinguished Elegance

An uplifting and sumptuous mix of the very best orchestral and classical piano tracks.

Track of the Week #1

12th June 2020

Our very first pick is a track called Sun shining down on me. It’s an uplifting track that will have you nodding your head and tapping your feet in an instant.

Taken from our Beats with Sass playlist. It’s at home amongst a collection of upbeat and energetic tunes blended together to create a rich and inviting background sound.

Beats with Sass

Mid tempo soulful tunes curated to provide an upbeat soundtrack. Perfect for when you want just a little more warmth and energy.

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