Elevate Your Retail Store’s Atmosphere With a Subscription Music Service

As a retailer, you know the importance of creating a welcoming and engaging atmosphere for your customers. Background music can help you achieve this goal by creating a pleasant and relaxing environment. One that encourages customers to stay longer and explore your products. But, choosing the right music, managing licenses and curating playlists can be time-consuming. Even a challenge sometimes. This is where a subscription music service for retail stores can help.

Subscription Music for Retail StoresBackground Sounds

Background Sounds is a background music subscription service designed for retail stores. You will have access to a fantastic selection of playlists when you subscribe to our service. The playlists cover all the most popular genres of music for retail stores. Including but not limited to …




Royalty-Free Music = No PRS PPL Music Licence Required

Our music is royalty-free which means you do not need a PRS PPL licence to play our music. Making our music subscription for retail stores a very cost-effective solution.

Unsure about royalty-free music? It’s a superb legal alternative to paying PRS and PPL for a music licence. You can find out more about playing royalty-free music here.

Royalty-free music streaming subscription

How The Service Works

Music streaming subscription service

Stream our playlists in your retail store using your PC, laptop, mobile or tablet device.

We will add new music every month and new playlists throughout the year. Keeping them fresh for you.

All you need to do is press play!

5 Benefits of Using Background Sounds

Subscription Music Service for Retail Stores

1. Convenience

You’re going to save time and effort with a subscription to Background Sounds. Not only will you have access to an array of superb playlists. You won’t have to worry about managing your yearly PRS PPL licenses. All our music is royalty-free so these are not needed to play our music.

2. Choice

You will find it easy to match your store’s brand and target audience with the wide range of playlists we offer. We’ll also work hard to keep your music fresh. We add new music to the library on a monthly basis and new playlists throughout the year.

🎄 We also have a fantastic array of festive playlists released in late October.

3. Cost-Effective Music Subscription

You will find our subscription music service offers a cost-effective solution. All our music is royalty-free so you do not need a PRS PPL music licence to play it.

We have two subscription packages available…

4. Enhanced Shopping Experience

Background music can create a welcoming atmosphere, boost customer mood, increase their time spent in-store, and ultimately lead to more sales

To help you choose the best playlist for your retail store, we have a retail tab in our playlist library. This gives you are top playlist picks for retail stores.

Each playlist comes with a tempo indicator, description and playtime in hours.

5. Legal Compliance

You can be confident when you use Background Sounds that you are playing royalty-free music legally in your store.

A certificate can be supplied to confirm your subscription to our service that you can pass on to PRS PPL. Giving you peace of mind and taking away the worry of licensing music for your store.

Subscription Music for Retail Stores – Pricing

You can choose between two subscription packages. A monthly subscription will give you the option to cancel anytime. Whilst an annual subscription will save you the equivalent of two months of service!

Subscription packages include…

Monthly new music updates

Automatic access to new playlists

Certificate of subscription (just ask)

And a friendly customer support team

*Prices subject to VAT

Royalty-free music subscription pricing

Summary – Subscription Music for Retail Stores

Using a subscription music service for your retail store is a fantastic way to access high-quality ready-made playlists in a flexible, manageable payment.  

Background Sounds specialises in providing retail stores with high-quality royalty-free playlists on a subscription basis. Enabling you to enhance the shopping experience of your customers in a cost-effective way.

Try us for free today and make playing music in your retail store easy with a straightforward royalty-free music subscription. FREE TRIAL SIGN-UP.

Background Sounds is a specialist provider of royalty-free music. We work with small businesses looking to play music without the need to buy a PRS PPL Music Licence.

The service is offered via online streaming and can be accessed when you take a subscription. You can find out all you need to know on our home page here.