Get the best out of royalty free music and your staff

So you’re considering using a royalty free music in your shop to save the cost of the PRS and PPL Music Licence, great! If you’re concerned about your staff’s reaction, don’t be. Introducing staff to the new, high quality music they’re about to listen to doesn’t need to be a challenge. Below we run through our top tips for when select a service providing royalty free music for shops.

Explain the reason you’re selecting royalty free music for your shop

Many staff and in the case of a charity retailer volunteers don’t realise the costs associated with playing music in a shop. For many running a business it’s the driving factor in choosing music that can be played without the Music Licence.  If staff understand that just putting the radio or CD on in a public space costs at the very least £317 (plus vat) a year. They quickly appreciate that it’s a business decision and in many cases releases funds that can be used elsewhere for the good of the business.

Inform staff what royalty free music is

 Let your staff know that times are changing and there’s plenty of great royalty free background music out there. There’s a growing demand within the retail industry as more big high street retailers move towards saving on the licence costs and increasingly from YouTube content creators. As a result, is a huge increase in the quality of royalty free music. This is because as demand has increased more and more musicians are choosing to monetise their music this way. Increasing the variety and quality available for use across all platforms.

Select great quality music

Alongside quality, pick a provider that has plenty of choice, one that’s always updating and adding new playlists. In no time at all your staff will become familiar with many of the tracks with a good supplier, they can listen to great music that’s regularly updated.

Reduce repetition

Often the frustration is about the lack of variety in the music played.  Many royalty free playlists are only a couple of hours long which leads to repetition across the working day. To combat this pick a couple of good solid playlists and swap them around throughout the week.

Think about your staff and their working week. A mid-tempo pop playlist may be a great selection for your customers but it may be that you can play a higher tempo dance selection at the end of the week to give staff that Friday feeling. Often you can do this, ensure you keep the right atmosphere for customers with the right playlist choice.

Give them control 

The ability to select music at work is important to many staff. Great news, you can still do this with royalty free music. You can achieve this by pre-approving playlists for staff to pick from. It may be that you keep within the same genre across playlists but vary the tempo. Alternatively, you could mix up the genres and keep a set tempo to set the right mood in-store.

Talk to your music provider

Often a playlist can be built that recreates the same atmosphere and energy that you gain with commercial music. Get in touch with your provider and discuss your needs. Good music providers will be keen to make sure your music works for your customers and your staff.

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