Royalty-Free Music and Staff

Switching to royalty-free music is a smart move for many business owners. The cost savings are substantial, and the quality has never been higher. However, one concern often arises: how will your staff react to the change? 

Employees who have enjoyed choosing their music or listening to their favourite artists at work might be hesitant about the switch.

Based on our experience with businesses of all sizes, we’ve found that it’s possible to transition to royalty-free music and still have happy, motivated staff. 

Here are our top five tips for getting your team on board with this cost-effective change:

1. Explain the Reasons for the Switch

Most employees are unaware that playing music in a business requires an expensive license. Take the time to explain the savings your business will make when you make the swap. They will quickly appreciate that it’s a business decision and will release funds that can be used elsewhere and for the benefit of the business.

2. Educate Staff About Royalty-Free Music

The term “royalty-free music” might conjure images of dull elevator music for some. But the industry has evolved significantly from its ‘Muzak’ days.  It now offers an array of high-quality tracks. 

Demand for top-notch royalty-free music is high, driven by the needs of online content creators. Consequently, many talented musicians and composers are now licensing their music through specialist licensing agencies rather than PRS PPL as it provides more ways for them to monetise their work. 

3. Involve Staff in the Selection Process

A great way to get staff buy-in is to involve them in the process. Reputable music providers offer free trials, giving you and your team time to explore the music and playlists. 

Ask for staff feedback on the music and which playlists they think will resonate most with your customers.  This will make them feel involved and also bring the focus to how the music fits with your brand and business.

4. Reduce Repetition

One common complaint about background music services supplied to retail and hospitality businesses is the lack of variety, which leads to frustration.

Choose a music service that will give your staff a wide selection of playlists to choose between and regular new music updates. This will keep the music fresh and enjoyable for your staff, ensuring a pleasant environment for employees and customers.

5. Give Staff Control

Giving your staff control over the music selection can significantly boost their satisfaction. 

Many royalty-free music services, like Background Sounds, offer an array of playlists. Let your staff decide what music to play, helping them feel more engaged and happier at work. This will also enable them to tailor the music to suit your customer demographic, the time of day, and the day of the week.

Summary – How to Get Your Staff on Board With Royalty-Free Music

Transitioning to royalty-free music in your business can offer significant savings and high-quality tunes, but getting your staff on board is crucial.

By explaining the cost benefits, informing them about the quality of modern royalty-free music, involving them in the selection process, ensuring a variety of playlists to reduce repetition, and giving them control over what plays, you can make the switch smoothly. These steps will help maintain a happy workforce while enjoying the advantages it offers.

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