Play the best royalty-free Christmas music in your business 

If you’re looking for a cost-effective way to play Christmas music in your business this festive season, we have you covered.  We supply the very best royalty-free Christmas music!

Background Sounds is a music streaming platform designed for retailers who want to play high-quality music without a PRS PPL license. And we have a fantastic selection of festive playlists available for streaming! 

You can find out all about how our service works here- How it Works.

Royalty-free Christmas music

Choose high-quality royalty-free Christmas music 

Christmas is the biggest shopping season of the year for most retailers (source BRC).  With the migration to online shopping and fewer people eating out.  It’s never been more important that you enhance your space with a well-designed festive playlist that suits your brand and matches the experience your customers expect to have with you. 

Royalty-free Christmas playlists, when designed well can provide all the benefits of commercial Christmas music without the cost. 

Background Sounds – Royalty-Free Christmas Music

Stream our music in your business legally, without a PRS PPL license.  Take your pick from our royalty-free festive music, or choose from over 42 other playlists covering the genres of pop, soul, jazz, indie, Latin, reggae, country, classical, EDM and many more! 

Royalty free Christmas music festive mix

Retail Festive Mix

A Cheery mix of festive songs, pop, indie, soul, country and dance tunes.

Playtime | 3.5 hours

Style | Vocal

Royalty-free Christmas music playlist swing style

Swing Style Christmas

 A joyful collection of swing-style Christmas classics for an easy-going festive atmosphere. 

Playtime | 3 hours

Style | Vocal & Instrumental

Royalty-free upbeat Christmas music playlist

Upbeat Christmas

Fun and cheerful modern Christmas tunes with plenty of catchy lyrics and rhythm.

Playtime | 3.5 hours

Style | Vocal 

Instrumental Christmas music

Instrumental Christmas 

A beautiful, delicate collection of instrumental orchestral and piano traditional Christmas classics.

Playtime | 2.5 hours

Style | Instrumental

Royalty-free christmas music playlist

Festive Mix 

A hand-picked collection of our favourite tunes from each playlist.  Great when you want variety.

Playtime | 3.5 hours

Style | Vocal & Instrumental

Instrumental Christmas jazz music royalty-free

Cosy Jazz Christmas 

Warming, and refined instrumental jazz-style versions of traditional Christmas classics.

Playtime | 2.5 hours

Style | Instrumental

Christmas Playlists, with peace of mind. 

Choose a reputable supplier for your royalty-free Christmas music.

Choosing Background Sounds to supply your Christmas music will not only give you a great selection of playlists to choose from.  You will also have peace of mind that you are using legal royalty-free music supplied by a reputable business. 

We can even provide you with confirmation of your royalty-free subscription that can be passed on to PRS and PPL. 

Royalty-free music subscription pricing

Like what you have read so far? Great! We recommend taking a free trial so you can listen to our playlists and check your audio setup before taking a subscription. There’s no obligation to buy and you don’t need to add card details to sign up!

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About Background Sounds

Background Sounds is a specialist provider of royalty-free music. Working with business owners looking to play music without the need to buy a PRS PPL Music Licence.

The service is offered via online streaming and can be accessed when you take a subscription. You can find out all you need to know on our home page here.

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