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Music for Coffee Shop & Cafes


A Handpicked Collection of Playlists Perfect for Coffee Shops and Cafes This collection of playlists provides perfect background music for coffee shops and cafes. With the low tempo, laid-back playlists designed…

How to Avoid Paying for a Music License (UK)


Find out how you can legally avoid paying for a PRS PPL Music Licence and still play music in your business.

Do I Need a Music Licence?


Find out if you need a PRS/PPL Music Licence to play music in your business. We answer the top questions asked.

Music for Coffee Shops


Music for Coffee Shops. Get the Best Out of Your Background Music! Whether you’re looking for music for coffee shops or tips on what music to choose. This post will give…

Is There a PRS Licence Loophole?


If you're looking for a way to play music in your business without the need to buy a PRS PPL Music Licence.  You’re in the right place.

Music for Pop Up Shops


A Flexible Music Service for Pop Up Shops If you’re looking for great background music for your pop up shop we have you covered. Flexible and cost effective the Background Sounds…

How Much Does The Music Licence Cost?


Save on the Music Licence cost by playing royalty-free music. £150 + vat a year per site.

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