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Royalty-Free Christmas Music


Play the best royalty-free music in your business this festive season. No PRS PPL required.

Background Music. 5 Top Tips for Selecting Great Music


5 Top Tips for Great Background Music. Find out the most important features for selecting great background music in any business.

Music for Cafes


Music for Cafes – Play Music Without a PRS/PPL Music Licence! The number of cafes and coffee shops in the UK is expected to exceed over 32,000 by 2023 ( It’s…

Two New Playlists Added for April


This month we have gone all out adding new music to our playlist library, we couldn’t help it the tunes are too good! So, this month we have launched two new…

New Music Added for March


Every month we add new music to our playlist library. It keeps our playlists fresh and in turn your staff happy! This month we have added tracks across four playlists covering…

200 New Tracks Added for February


Five Playlists Are Now Even Bigger and Better! This month we’ve added new music to five playlists! Whilst they cover a variety of genres and tempos they all have one thing…

New Music Added for January


Here’s What’s New This Month At Background Sounds, we’re all about keeping our royalty free music service fresh and exciting. It’s super important to us that we make sure our customers…

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