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Understanding the Difference Between PRS and PPL – A Beginner’s Guide


Confused about whether PPL and PRS are legal requirements for your business? Don't worry, this guide will clear up any confusion.

What Music Can I Play Without a Licence in the UK?


Here's how you can play music in your business without a PRS PPL Music Licence.

Alternative to the Music Licence


Here's how you can play music, legally without paying for a PRS PPL Music Licence. Top Questions answered.

Royalty-Free Music for Shops


Play the best royalty-free music in your shop. A legal alternative to PRS PPL. Certificate of subscription available. Free Trial 7-day trial.

Restaurant Background Music


Choose Your Restaurant Background Music From Over 40 Playlists Background Sounds is an established provider of royalty-free background music. Specialising in restaurant background music that you can play without a PRS…

Royalty-Free Music for Hair Salons


Royalty-free music for hair salons. Play music in your hair salon without paying PRS & PPL. 38+ Playlists | 15 Genres covered | FREE TRIAL

Royalty-Free Christmas Music


Play the best royalty-free music in your business this festive season. No PRS PPL required.

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