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Music for Gyms


Music for Gyms and Workouts Music for Gyms provides you with a handpicked selection of the very best royalty free music, expertly curated into playlists. Simply select the Gym and Workout…

High Energy Background Music for Fast Food


Background Music for Fast Food Restaurants Our music profilers have compiled a collection of playlists perfectly suited to those fast-food restaurants looking for high energy, uplifting background music. These playlist recommendations…

Music for Retailers


Royalty Free Music for Retailers When you select the Fashion Retail sector tab within our playlist library you’ll be greeted with an array of playlists providing the very best in royalty…

Relaxing Music for Spas


A handpicked collection of playlists for Spa and wellbeing businesses Relaxing Music Our music experts have curated a collection of atmospheric playlists that create a relaxing background ambience. They’re perfect for…

Can playing the right background music make you MORE money?


Here we look at the research In the post Picking the perfect music for your business we explained what you need to consider when selecting background music. Here we go a…

A great alternative to paying for the Music Licence


Playing music and the Music Licence For many businesses, background music is an integral part of their marketing strategy, using it to reinforce their brand and create the perfect atmosphere for…

Picking the perfect music for your business


Music is one of the first things your customers notice. Get it right and you can make a great first impression. But where do you start when picking music for your…

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