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What music can I play without a licence in the UK?


Playing Music Without a Licence in the UK If you’re looking for music that you can play in the UK without a music licence then you have come to the right…

Music for Coffee Shop & Cafes


A Handpicked Collection of Playlists Perfect for Coffee Shops and Cafes This collection of playlists provides perfect background music for coffee shops and cafes. With the low tempo, laid back playlists…

How to Avoid Paying for a Music License (UK)


Play Great Music Without Buying a PRS PPL Music Licence. How to avoid paying for a Music License UK is a question searched daily by all types of business owners. Why?…

Do I Need a Music Licence?


We answer the top questions on playing music in a business. Including, do I need a Music Licence? Music is a key tool in all businesses. It boosts staff morale and…

The fastest way for you to select great background music


Select the best music for your business with our sector tabs! Background music is a fantastic tool. When used correctly, it can influence shopper browsing time, pace, and even amount spent…

Music for Coffee Shops


Music for Coffee Shops. Get the Best Out of Your Background Music! Whether you’re looking for music for coffee shops or tips on what music to choose. This post will give…

Royalty Free Music for Shops


The Best Royalty Free Music for Shops If you’re searching royalty free music for shops then you’re in the right place. We specialise in building playlists that create the perfect background…

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