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What music can I play without a licence in the UK?


Playing Music Without a Licence in the UK If you’re looking for fantastic music to play in your business without the need for a music licence you’ve come to the right…

Music for Business. Save money and play great music.


Music for Business No matter what your business type the likelihood is that background music is an important feature. Studies have shown music has the ability to reinforce brand, enhance customer…

Royalty free music for shops


The ultimate Royalty free music for shops, cafes & restaurants So you’re a business owner and you are considering using royalty free music in your business to save the cost of…

Music for shops – Royalty free streaming music service.


Music for Shops Without the PRS Music Licence If you’re searching for great music for shops without the music licence then you have come to the right place. We specialise in…

Music for Cafes Select the very best royalty free music


Music for Cafes With the number of cafes and coffee shops in the UK expected to exceed over 32,000 by 2023 (source: it’s never been more important to ensure every…

Music for Pop Up Shops


A Flexible Music Service for Pop Up Shops If you’re looking for great background music for your pop up shop we have you covered. Flexible and cost effective the Background Sounds…

Track of the week the 2020 collection


Track of the Week. Showcasing just how great our music is! All the music we use is license-free/rights inclusive which means that the artists and composers receive payment through the licensing…

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