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Music for Coffee Shops


Music for coffee shops – make the most out of your music Background music in coffee shops is an often underused marketing tool. Used correctly, it can reinforce your brand, set…

Royalty Free Music for Shops


The Best Royalty Free Music for Shops If you’re searching royalty free music for shops then you’re in the right place. We specialise in building playlists that create the perfect background…

What is a Music Licence and do I need one?


What is a Music Licence and do I need a Music Licence? Your questions answered For many business owners, the first time they hear about the Music Licence is when they…

Is there a PRS licence loophole?


Looking for information on playing music without the need for a PRS licence? Look no further… We’re Background Sounds and we specialise in supplying music that can be played without the…

What music can I play without a licence in the UK?


Playing Music Without a Licence in the UK If you’re looking for fantastic music to play in your business without the need for a music licence you’ve come to the right…

Music for Business. Save money and play great music.


Music for Business No matter what your business type the likelihood is that background music is an important feature. Studies have shown music has the ability to reinforce brand, enhance customer…

Royalty free music and staff


Get the best out of royalty free music and your staff So you’re considering using a royalty free music in your shop to save the cost of the PRS and PPL…

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