Five Playlists Are Now Even Bigger and Better!

This month we’ve added new music to five playlists! Whilst they cover a variety of genres and tempos they all have one thing in common. They all provide an upbeat and cheerful soundtrack for your business.

Here are the playlists that now have even more great new tracks.

Updated Playlists


We’ve added even more cheerful and uplifting pop, r&b and dance tunes to this very popular playlist. This means it’s now over six hours long!


With enough beat to get your feet tapping. This cheerful playlist offers our finest mid-tempo indie tracks. With a splash of indie pop to keep it light.


Filled with up-tempo beats and catchy lyrics. This dance-pop playlist is a great choice when you want to create an energising atmosphere.


One of four playlists in our world collection. Everything Bossa is full of vibrant bossa inspired tracks that are great for cafes and coffee shops.


Filled with cheerful, fun, easy-going pop tunes. This playlist is one of our most streamed and the great news is, it’s now even bigger!


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