Here’s What’s New at Background Sounds.

Keeping your background music fresh and exciting is key to creating a great customer experience and motivating staff. It’s why we’re always adding new tunes to our playlist library. We aim to make sure you get the most out of your music subscription to Background Sounds by taking the hassle of updating your music for you.

New Music Update

Here’s what we’ve been up to most recently…

16 Playlists Have New Music ????

28th June 2024

This month we have added new royalty-free songs to 16 playlists! The new songs have been used in some playlists to extend the running time. In others, we’ve replaced older songs with new tunes to provide a refresh.

The news songs cover the genres…

Pop, Dance, Lounge & Chill, Classical, Latin, Soulful House, Indie, Country, Disco, Soul, Ambient Electronic, Bossa Nova and Chilled House. 

Here are the playlists we popped new songs into this month…

Royalty-free music streaming playlists

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New Music added to Eight Playlists

30th May 2024

Another month means we’ve added even more new songs to our royalty-free playlist library. In this update, we have added a superb selection of music covering a variety of genres.

Our customers now have more…

✅ Dance & EDM

✅ Pop & Indie-Pop

✅ Latin Pop & Jazz

✅ Ambient & Electronic

✅ Soul & Easy Listening

✅ Trance & Future Rave

May’s music update showcases the variety of genres we cover across our playlists. All 50+ of them!

100+ New Songs Added to Playlists

24th April 2024

This month we’ve not only added a new royalty-free playlist, but we’ve added over 120 brand-new songs too! 

The new tunes have been hand-picked from the latest royalty-free releases and cover a fantastic selection of popular genres! 

New Playlist Released

4th April 2024

Smooth Jazz ?

Silky, rich and decadent jazz tunes.  Low in tempo and easy-going. Smooth Jazz is a great playlist choice for a relaxed customer ambience. 

Style | Instrumental 

Playtime | 6-hour loop

200 New Songs Added to Playlists ?

20th March 2024

We’re dedicated to ensuring our customers have fresh new tunes to listen to every month and March has been a mega update month.

The new songs cover the genres Latin, Jazz, Soul, Afro House, Indie, Pop, Dance, Ambient Electronic, Chilled House, Country, R&B, Disco, Easy Listening and Funk tunes ?

New Royalty-Free Playlist Released

22nd February 2024 

The addition of this fantastic new playlist brings our total number of playlists available for streaming to 51! Blissful Asia is a superb addition to our very popular world selection and it is a great pick not just for the hospitality sector but spas and therapy rooms too.

New Music Royalty-free playlist Asia


A delicate collection of instrumental Asian-inspired tracks with a varying tempo to add intrigue and a subtle splash of energy.

Style | Instrumental

Playtime | 4-hour loop

100 New Tracks Added to Background Sounds 

12th February 2024 

We’ve added a fantastic array of brand-new tunes to 17 of our most popular playlists! 

There’s new…

✅ Pop, Dance & Indie 

✅ Latin, Bossa & Jazz 

✅ Soul, Funk & House 

✅ Ambient, Spa & Electronic 

✅ Country, Easy Listening & Rock 

This means many of our most popular playlists now have an extended play time before they repeat. 

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