Every month we add new music to our playlist library. It keeps our playlists fresh and in turn your staff happy!

This month we have added tracks across four playlists covering a mix of genres and tempos.  Each of these playlists is distinctly different but all of them are now even longer.

The new tracks we have added cover the genres: lounge, pop, indie, folk, country, lounge and easy listening. 

Updated Playlists 

Rhythmic and energetic this playlist is great when you want your music to energise.  It’s filled with the very best fast-paced indie tunes.  

This playlist is all about the mellow more gentle side of pop.  It’s jam packed with easy-going low tempo pop tunes to help you create a laid-back atmosphere with your music. 

This playlist is a great background music choice.  It’s a superb mix of indie, pop, folk, country tracks. 

It’s perfect if you’re looking for an understated playlist that offers an easy-going sound. 

A predominately instrumental mix of funky, uplifting lounge tunes with rhythmic beats.

Great for when you want to create a warm, welcoming and relaxing atmosphere. 

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