Stream Royalty-Free Background Music and Save £££

If you’re looking for an easy-to-use and cost-effective music streaming service for your business you’re in the right place.

Background Sounds is a royalty-free music streaming platform designed for business owners who want to play great background music, without the expense of paying for a PRS PPL music licence.

As all our music is royalty-free so you can stream it in your business legally without a PRS PPL Music Licence. Saving you £££ on the cost of playing music.

Music Streaming for Business Use

You can stream out playlists with confidence. They are designed to be played in businesses as background music. This means we’ve selected tracks appropriate for customers and staff so there are no inappropriate lyrics or explicit language.

Our music library is filled with a fantastic selection of playlists that you can stream in your business. Our easy-to-use platform makes setting up a doddle

royalty-free music streaming service

Subscription Pricing

£15* per month / per site (cancel anytime)

£150* per year / per site (best deal)

*Prices subject to VAT

Playlist Sector Tabs

Sector Tabs are a feature of our playlist library added to make your life easier. They’re great for when you want to save time selecting a playlist or when you want some added inspiration! Designed to make selecting background music quick and easy, the sector tabs provide a list of playlists covering a variety of genres, tempos, and moods.

The sector tabs appear at the top of the playlist library and give you the ability to filter playlists we would recommend for your business.

Sector Tab Examples

Every playlist in our library also comes with a tempo indicator, description and running time (before the tracks repeat).

What genres do our playlists cover?

Where do we start? People often think there’s little genre choice for royalty-free music, but that’s just not true. We have stacks of choice and if there’s something you need that we don’t have in the library just ask. We’re always happy to see what we can do.

20 + Genres Covered

Including but not limited to….


Music streaming devices that can be used

What is Royalty Free Music?

It’s music that can be played without the traditional PRS PPL Music Licence. This is because the PRS PPL collection agencies do not collect the royalties for the artist we use. Instead, the artists are paid for the use of their music by a music licensing agency. For you, this means you can play music in your business without the additional cost of the PRS Music Licence.

For more detailed information about royalty-free/ PRS PPLfree music check out our blog What music can I play without a Music Licence?

And if you have never heard of a PRS PPL Music Licence (not uncommon) you can read all about it here What’s a Music Licence and do I need one?

Background Sounds is a specialist provider of royalty-free music. You can find out even more about how our service can save you both time and money here

7-Day Free Trial

If you like what you have read so far why not give us a try? There’s no catch, the trial is free and there’s no need to enter your card details.

Your trial will give you access to our entire playlist library, it’s a great way to check out the playlist we offer and that your audio set-up is compatible.


We’re always happy to chat with anyone considering our service. From helping to figure out what hardware you need to discuss bespoke playlist requirements we’re here for you. So, no matter what you need, get in touch!

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