Music for Gyms and Workouts

Music for Gyms provides you with a handpicked selection of the very best royalty free music, expertly curated into playlists. Simply select the Gym and Workout sector tab in our playlist library. It’s the perfect starting point if you’re looking for great background music for your gym.

Each playlist has been selected for its ability to motivate and energise and include our very best EDM, trance, pop and dance tunes. High in tempo and filled with beats they have what you need to get your customers in the zone and moving.

Royalty Free Music for Gyms

Every one of our playlists has been curated by our expert music profilers using the very best licence-free music available worldwide. So, if you’re looking for music to play in your business that does not require the PRS Music Licence then look no further.

Royalty-free music for Gyms devices for streaming

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What is royalty free music?

It’s music that can be played without the traditional PRS PPL Music Licence. That’s because the music we use is rights inclusive, meaning the artists and composers have opted to receive their royalties from the licensing company they work with to create the music.

For you, this means you can play music in your business without the additional cost of the PRS Music Licence. For more detailed information check out our blog What Music Can I Play Without a Licence?

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Music for Gyms

We offer two subscription types, both provide full access to our playlist library. Click on the below items for more information.

Annual subscription £150 + vat

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