Music for Cafes

With the number of cafes and coffee shops in the UK expected to exceed over 32,000 by 2023 (source: it’s never been more important to ensure every aspect of your business is geared towards enhancing the customer experience. 

An important area to evaluate and put thought into is your background music. Playing music in your business is a key element when it comes to building the right environment.  It has the power to create ambiance, reinforce your brand, create a sense of privacy, even influence customer behaviour.  That’s why it’s so important when considering a royalty free music option you select the very best music available.  

Here at Background Sounds we work with an international music licensing company that works with musicians and composers all over the world to ensure they produce the highest quality tracks.  Their music is heard in over 10,000 stores worldwide!

For us, this means we have an ever increasing pool of music to use and build our playlists from, so we can provide plenty of variety and ensure new playlists are added frequently. For you it means a high quality music service and with the added benefit of saving on your PRS PPL Music Licence cost.

On average we save customers 60 – 90% when compared to the cost of the Music Licence.

If you are looking for music for cafes but are unsure how much you could save by using royalty free music, use our calculator below to find out your annual saving.

* Prices are correct for the period from the period 1st Jan 2020 – 31st Dec 2020 according to PRS/PPL tariffs.

The Background Sounds Music Player

Streaming music

A web based platform, the Background Sounds Music Player provides access to our playlist library.  This is where you can browse and select the best royalty free playlist for your business.

You can access the player via a PC, laptop, mobile phone, or tablet device. Giving you full control over the hardware you use. 

The Playlist Library

Along with great royalty free music, expertly curated into playlists the library also provides you with:

Tempo Indicators

Low, mid, or high or tempo indicators help you ensure the pace of your music is going to create the required atmosphere and send the right signals to your customers. After all, research has shown that with a slower tempo of the music you can encourage customers to linger and in some cases spend more (source:

Genre Tabs 

These tabs enable you to filter playlists by genre and mood. Selecting the relevant tab will filter your playlists so you can easily review those of interest. Current genres include:


Sector Tabs

If you’re in a hurry or just need a little more guidance on what to play, you can filter using our sector tabs. Listing key retail and leisure sectors and including a cafe and coffee shop option sector tabs provide you with our playlist recommendations for your specific business. They’re a great way to explore new genres and mixes.

Check out the video below for a sneek peek at the library!

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