Background Music for cafes

Licence free music for cafes & restaurants is just a few clicks away. Background Sounds provides you with access to music by award winning musicians and composers all of which is PRS licence free. Our platform is an online streaming platform which means you have access to highly curated and regularly updated music from our vast database of over 70,000 tracks.

Take a listen below to some of our sample playlists that we think are well suited to music for cafes or sign up for a free trial to discover the full library:

If you are looking for music for cafes but are unsure how much you could save by using licence free music, use our calculator below to find out your annual saving.

* Prices are correct for the period from the period 1st Jan 2020 – 31st Dec 2020 according to PRS/PPL tariffs.

Uplifting Soul

Lift your spirit with this seductive mix of pop and soul tunes.

Slow Down

A gorgeous collection of low tempo easy listening tracks.

Lazy Days

Light blend of easy listening mellow tracks.

Music for cafes and coffee shops – Licence Free

Background Sounds works with an international licencing agency to provide the very best in licence free music for businesses.

With music cleared for use around the world and with access to over 70,000 tracks, you can be sure we have the perfect music for your cafe.

On average we save our customers 60 – 90% when compared to the cost of the music licence.

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Sign up for a 7 day free trial

We offer every customer a free 7 day trial so you can be confident that what we have to offer enhances your business. The trial provides access to the entire playlist library and any updates we publish during that time.

Streaming music

The playlist library contains a wide variety of genres from pop and indie tracks through to jazz, classical piano and country. Tracks are built into playlists so you can simply click play and relax.

Every playlist comes with a tempo indicator and a brief description to guide your choice. You can click below and create your free trial account in a few clicks.