Music for Business

No matter what your business type the likelihood is that background music is an important feature. Studies have shown music has the ability to reinforce brand, enhance customer experience and influence customer behaviour (source: psychologistsworld). The benefits apply whether you’re a big or small business. However playing licensed music can be very costly.

If you’re a business owner and play music whether for your staff and/or customers you are legally required to purchase a Music Licence. The licence allows you to play music, for which royalties are collected by the relevant performance rights organisation. Playing music without a licence can result in legal action being taken for copyright infringement.

Music without the licence

Most business owners want to play music but often don’t because of the cost of the licence. There is however an alternative that allows you to utilise all the benefits of playing background music without the need for a music licence.

Royalty free music is music that you can play legally without a licence. This is because royalty payments do not need to be collected. Many businesses save huge amounts of money swapping to a royalty free music service.

The Background Sounds Music Player

Royalty Free Music Streaming Service 

The Background Sounds Music Player. A web based platform, accessed via PC, laptop, mobile phone, or tablet devices it gives you access to the very best royalty free music.

Background Sounds specialises in royalty free music creating playlists that can be used in all types of businesses. Our music is supplied by an international music licensing company who collaborate with artists, composers and musicians around the world to ensure it’s of the highest quality and that they produce a wide variety of genres.  Their music is used in over 10,000 stores world wide!

The Background Sounds Music Player provides you with access to our royalty free music library.  Filled with expertly curated playlists the library gives you an effortless way to control your music.

Playlist features

Tempo Indicators

Low, mid, or high or tempo indicators help you ensure the pace of your music is going to create the required atmosphere. Use it to make sure you’re creating an atmosphere that will elicit the right behavioural response from your customers.

Genre Tabs 

Using these tabs will enable you to filter playlists by genre and mood. Selecting the relevant tab will filter your playlists, allowing you to easily review those of interest. Current genres include:


Sector Tabs

Designed for when you’re in a hurry or when you just need a little more guidance on what to play. Sector tabs provide a filtered list of playlist recommendations for your chosen sector. They’re a great way to explore new genres and mixes.

Personalized Music

We’re always happy to discuss individual music requirements. If there’s something specific you have in mind or our playlist library doesn’t have what you need then please get in touch. We can take a look and see if we can build a playlist to your request!

Compare costs

Finally, if you’re keen to explore costs and see how much you could save in opting for a royalty free music solution you can use our cost comparison calculator. Designed for retail stores, showrooms and warehouses it provides an indication on the cost of a music licence and how much you can save using a royalty free service.

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