Looking for information on playing music without the need for a PRS licence?

Look no further

We’re Background Sounds and we specialise in supplying music that can be played without the need for the PRS licence. This is because our music does not require royalty payments to be collected by the PRS and PPL collection agencies. Providing you with the PRS licence loophole you’re looking for!

Playing music in a business

If you own a business that’s playing live or recorded music and it’s not royalty free you are legally required to purchase a music licence. This is regardless of whether the music is for your staff and/or customers.

The Music Licence is operated by the PRS for Music Limited (PRS) and the Phonographic Performance Limited (PPL). Who together collect royalty payments on behalf of composers, artists, musicians and performers. They are the copyright holders and payment is for the use of their work (music).

The licence is purchased on an annual basis. The rate you pay varying depending upon sq ft of premises and type of venue (source www.gov.uk). Check out the cost of the licence for your business here with our handy calculator. The calculator has been designed to provide you with a quick way to find out how much your Music Licence will cost and also how much you can save by using us.

The good news is you don’t have to pay for a licence in order to play great music.

Royalty free music provides a PRS licence loophole

The Background Sounds Music Player. Filled with expertly curated royalty free playlists. Play via your phone, tablet, or PC.

How it works

Here at Background Sounds we spend our time curating high quality music playlists that you can play in your business without the need for the PRS or PPL licences. We use only the very best royalty free music from around the world and offer a wide and varied collection of genres and moods. We then host all of this music in our playlist library and give you access on a subscription basis. It’s an easy to use music streaming service designed to provide fantastic background music.

Playlists and genres

We work hard to make selecting music for your business easy and fuss free for you. Our playlist library is set up so you can quickly identify playlists that are of interest. To save you time and help guide your choice we added the below features.

Genre tags

Filter playlists by genre so you can easily review those of interest. Genres include pop, indie, soul, dance, easy listening, jazz, classical, country, instrumental, chill and many more!

Tempo indicator

Low, mid, or high these icons help you ensure the pace of your music is going to create the desired atmosphere.

Sector tabs

Sector tabs are here to provide you with our playlist recommendations for your specific business. They’re great if you’re short on time or a little stuck on what to choose.

Playlist description

Each playlist comes with a brief description of the mood and feel of the playlist so you can ensure it’s the right background msuic choice for your business. We have music samples to provide a glimpse of what we offer but the best way is to try us for free and opt for a seven day trial.

Subscription prices

Choose a subscription that works for you and get playing music without the worry of additional legal requirements!

MONTHLY SUBSCRIPTION £15 Offers you the flexibility to cancel anytime

ANNUAL £150 Save £30 when you choose an annual subscription*

Prices subject to VAT *saving when compared to paying for 12 months at the monthly price.

Trial for free

If you like what you have read so far why not take us for a spin? We offer all customers the opportunity to trial the service for FREE. You receive access to our entire playlist library for 7 days. There’s no catch and you don’t need to input any card details to set up the trial.

Need a little more guidance or have questions? Email support@backgroundsounds.co.uk