Play Great Music Without Buying a PRS PPL Music Licence.

How to avoid paying for a Music License UK is a question searched daily by all types of business owners. Why? Because after the year we have had many are looking for ways to cut costs and save money. For others, they refuse to pay the high cost of the licence to play music.

Whatever your own reason we can help!

Background Sounds is a specialist provider of royalty free music. That’s music you can play without buying a PRS PPL Music Licence.

When you play most music in your business whether it is for staff and or customers you need a Music Licence. This is because playing the music is a public performance of the work (music). You need permission from the copyright holder to play their music in your business. The Music Licence gives you this. The PRS and PPL operate the Music Licence as a way to collect the royalty payments due to the copyright holders.

The exception to this is royalty free music. Which you can play without buying a licence.

What Is Royalty Free Music?

It’s music you can play in your business without buying a license. You can do this because the artists, musicians and composers are not registered with PRS and PPL. This means there are no royalty payments for the PRS and PPL to collect. Instead, the artists get paid via a music licensing company for the use of their work.

Is It Legal You Ask?

Yes! It’s the most popular way to play music in a business without buying a licence.

“You do not need a Music Licence to play royalty free music”

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Avoid Paying for a Music License With Background Sounds

The best way to access royalty free music is to use a background music provider. Such as Background Sounds!

We specialise in royalty free music. Spending our time building playlists for our customers to stream in their businesses. Our playlists cover a large variety of genres and styles. They’re suitable for most businesses.

To get started all you need is a subscription with us. You can access our playlist library via this site anytime as much as you need.

Log in using any PC, laptop, mobile or tablet device, select a playlist and play. The music will stream until you choose to stop it or swap into a different playlist.

Avoid paying for a Music Licence UK with royalty free music

What Genres Do We Cover?

We love making sure our customers have plenty of genres and styles of music to choose from. We add new music on a monthly basis. That might be new tracks added to playlists or new playlists!

Current genres include…



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