Royalty-free music is a fantastic alternative to paying PRS PPL to play music. You get to save money whilst still harnessing all the benefits of background music.  But it’s important to ensure you are using the best royalty-free provider.

Background music plays a key role in a business.  So it’s worth ensuring you have the best provider supplying your royalty-free music. 

To help you do this we’ve put together five tips. They cover what you need to look out for…

We’ll look at…

So, grab a cuppa and let us walk you through what you need to have an eye on…

5 Top Tips on How to Choose the Best Royalty-Free Music Provider in 2024

Our first and most important tip.

If it’s the only one you take, ensure you use a supplier that can confirm your music is licensed as royalty-free music. They can do this by issuing you with a certificate. 

Why is this important? 

PRS PPL who operate the music licence will request evidence. They do this if you are playing music without a music license. This is to ensure you are complying with copyright law. 

2. Music Variety

best royalty-free music

There has never been a better time to use royalty-free music in your business. The quality and variety are at an all-time high thanks mainly to independent artists looking to monetise their work in new ways. 

We’re seeing more and more niche genres of music becoming available.  Take Italian royalty-free music, an initial struggle for us to source but we now have some! 

Look for a supplier with plenty of playlists covering a variety of genres and styles.  This will give you a greater selection to swap between. 

3. Regular Music Updates 

This may not seem like a big deal but trust us, your staff will thank you. A huge gripe from staff in the hospitality and retail sectors is that they listen to the same songs on a loop. Varied music will lift cognitive fatigue, energise and motivate your staff. 

And, as they say… happy staff = happy customers. 

A decent royalty-free music service will regularly add new songs and playlists to its music library.  If you can’t find information on how often they add new music to their library ask! 

4. Customer Support 

Choose a music supplier that provides great customer support. One that will promptly help you and your staff if you experience audio or technical issues while using the service. 

A great place to get an idea of customer satisfaction is to check out their customer testimonials. You can check out our customer testimonials here

5.   Free Trial

A free trial is a great way to check whether the service is the right one for you.  It gives you time to get feedback from your staff and customers and to check your audio set-up. 

Following on from your free trial, you will have confidence in what you are buying and that the service works for you. 

Take Background Sounds for example. We offer a free, no-obligation trial of our royalty-free music service for 7-days. 

If you liked what you have read so far why not give it a go?  We’ll give you full access to our playlist library and be on hand to help with audio set-up and answer questions. 

Summary – How to Choose the Best Royalty-Free Music Provider in 2024 

In summary, royalty-free music is a superb option. Especially for businesses that want to harness the power of music without the expense of a PRS PPL music license.  But, not all suppliers of royalty-free music are equal. We recommend taking the time to find the best supplier fit for your business. 

As specialists Background Sounds recommends looking at the following 

1. Legal compliance in the form of a certificate

2. Variety of styles and genres in the music library  and regular music updates 

3. Flexible payment option

4. Great customer support 

5. Free Trial 

Follow these tips and you’ll have a great royalty-free service. An array of great tunes and you will save £££ on the cost of playing music in your business.

Try Before You Buy!

We offer every customer a free 7-day trial of our service. It’s a great risk-free way to try royalty-free music in your business and test your audio set-up.

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