What is the Music Licence?

The Music Licence allows you to legally play music in your business for your staff and customers. It’s a licence you renew on an annual basis for each business you own if you’re playing music on the premises.

Do I need a Music Licence?

Under the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988 permission is required from the copyright holder to use their music in a non-domestic environment. In purchasing the Music Licence you are legally able to play the music in your business.

What is the Music Licence?

The Music Licence collects royalties for the music copyright holders and it’s two parent companies PRS for Music and PPL for Music distribute this money.

PRS for Music distributes the licence fee to songwriters, composers and publishers.  PPL for Music distributes the licence fee to those who performed the music and record companies.

Does every business require a Music Licence?

If you’re playing music in your business for staff and/or customers it is classed as a public performance of the works. This means that regardless of the type or size of your business you will require a Music Licence. Rule of thumb, if you’re playing music outside of a domestic setting then you need a licence.

How much is a Music Licence?

Costs vary depending upon the type of business you’re operating and the sq ft of the premises.

As an example. If you play music to customers on a shop floor (100 sqm or less). Your combined yearly music licence could cost around £317 (excluding VAT)* See here

How can I avoid paying for a Music Licence?

If you’re playing music in your business in most cases you will require a licence. Collection agencies use this to pay artists on your behalf for the use of their work in your business. It’s not something you can avoid if you’re using their work.

What music can I play music without a Music Licence?

Many businesses opt to use a licence free music service. This type of music can be played publicly without the need to purchase a Music Licence. In these cases, the artists have opted for an alternative way to receive royalties for their work. For many businesses, this provides a great alternative to the high costs associated with paying the Music Licence.

Where do I find licence free music?

The easiest way is to use a background music provider that specialises in supplying licence free music. That way you can leave the experts to make sure the tracks are of great quality and save time by accessing pre-built playlists.

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