Silky, rich instrumental smooth jazz tunes with a low, easy-going tempo l 6hr Loop

A delicate collection of instrumental Asian-inspired tracks | 4 hour loop

A fun and vibrant collection of vocal Latin Pop tunes | 3.5 hour loop

A lively and energetic mix of Afro-Latin House. Great for creating a vibrant atmosphere | 4.5 hour loop

Relaxed, uplifting pop and chilled house tunes | 5 hour loop

Smooth and timeless swing-style jazz tunes | 3 hour loop

A superb selection of instrumental and vocal royalty-free Italian tracks | 1.5 hour loop

Ease into Christmas with a mix of cheery festive songs mixed with pop, soul, indie, country and dance tunes. Every 3rd track is festive | Vocal | 3.5 hour loop

A hand-picked collection of our favourite tunes.  Great when you want variety | 4.5 hour loop

Warming, and refined jazz-style traditional Christmas classics | 2.5 hour loop