Music is one of the most accessible marketing tools available to shop owners and it’s one of the most powerful.  But playing music in a shop can be expensive thanks to the cost of a PRS PPL Music Licence. So we’ve compiled a list of 5 reasons you need to play music in your shop.

We’ll also look at your options when cost is a deciding factor on whether you play music. Exploring how royalty-free music can give you the benefits without the expense

The Soundtrack to Success: The Importance of Background Music in Shops

5 Reasons You Need to Play Music in Your Shop

1. Improve Customer Comfort

2. Stand Out From Competitors

3. Increase Sales

4. Foster Social Interactions

5. Increase Employee Productivity

1. Play Music in Your Shop to Improve Customer Comfort

Imagine walking into a shop only to be greeted by silence, feels uncomfortable, doesn’t it? This is because the absence of sound amplifies every incidental noise. From the shuffle of feet to the whisper of conversation. Silence is a surefire way to make customers feel self-conscious, leading to them leaving sooner.

Background music fills this void by providing a comforting buffer and a sense of privacy. It invites customers to relax, browse, and immerse themselves in the experience.

Background music fills the void of silence, making customers feel comfortable and relaxed.

2. Use Music to Stand Out From Competitors

In a saturated market, differentiation is crucial. Background music offers a powerful means of setting your business apart from competitors.

When you select music that reflects your brand’s unique personality and the experience you wish to offer, you can transform your space from a mere location to shop into a distinctive destination.

The right background music will mirror customer expectations. Fostering a subtle yet deeper emotional engagement.

This connection is invaluable. Engaged customers are more likely to think positively about your brand. Refer others, make purchases, and return.

From the upbeat pop melodies to the soothing rhythms of classical compositions. The right background track can transform a casual browser into a loyal customer.

3. Play Music and Increase Sales

Beyond filling the silence, and elevating the customer experience. Background music in shops can also influence customer spending.

The tempo, genre, and volume of background music all play a role in influencing if your customer buys.

For example, slower tempos encourage a more leisurely pace increasing time and money spent.

4. Music Will Help Foster Social Interactions

5 reasons to play music in your shop - staff and customer interactions

Background music is a fantatsic social lubricant. It smoothes the way for interactions between customers and employees. In the absence of music, conversations can feel uncomfortable and conspicuous.

A great musical backdrop creates a relaxed environment. One that encourages customers to engage with staff.

Positive social interactions are foundational to customer service excellence. They lead to higher satisfaction rates and improved sales figures.

 5. Music Will Help You Increased Employee Productivity

The benefits of music aren’t limited to your customers. A pleasant work environment, enhanced by music, can boost employee morale and productivity. Happy employees often provide better customer service, further enhancing the customer experience.

Studies have shown that…

Employees prefer music over silence, and music decreases employees’ feelings of boredom (source).

What To Play When You Can’t Justify Paying PRS PPL

Many business owners are hesitant about playing music due to the high cost of the PRS PPL Music Licence. A legal requirement if you’re playing music for staff and/or customers. The great news is that there is a legal alternative, it’s called royalty-free music.

Royalty-free music enables you to enhance your customers’ experience without the expense. You can legally play it without paying PRS PPL for a music licence.

By opting for royalty-free music, you reap all the benefits of background music. For example, improving customer comfort to differentiating your brand — without significant financial outlay.

Music for shops

Background Sounds offers an extensive library of high-quality, royalty-free music. That’s tailored to fit various business needs. Ensuring that your business can enjoy the advantages of music, cost-effectively and legally.

Summary – 5 Reasons You Need To Play Music in Your Shop

Incorporating music into your business setting goes beyond mere aesthetic appeal. It is an investment that can enhance the atmosphere. Improve customer experience, and increase profitability.

From establishing a welcoming environment to fostering emotional connections and distinguishing your brand. The benefits of background music are both clear and compelling.

Lastly, if you can’t justify the cost of paying for a PRS PPL Music Licence the option of playing royalty-free music offers a fantastic alternative.  Because it provides all the benefits of playing background music without the expense. 

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